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Coffee Stains



Coffee stains, as with most stains, are best left alone until you can get your stained garment to us, and the sooner the better. If you're in a pinch and must try and remove stains yourself soda water typically is the safest and most commonly used. Always dab and never rub a stained area if trying to treat it yourself.  

treating coffee stains

Preserve Your Memories

 For a fraction of the cost of your gown we can preserve it. We carefully inspect your gown upon arrival, treat any stains it may have then gently clean it. We then reinspect it, steam press it, and prepare to put it in a preservation chest. Upon completion of preserving your gown it is ready for long-term storage in an area of your home that is heated and air conditioned.

preserve wedding gown

Caring for Your Winter Clothing



Leather and furs are natural skins and must be conditioned and glazed periodically. We recommend and offer refridgerated storage on furs. On your woolens and other natural fabrics we highly recommend cleaning prior to storing in the warmer months. Moths and silver fish aren't as likely to attack clean garments. We do offer seasonal storage at no cost above our normal cleaning cost.  

caring for winter clothing

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